Sunday, 26 August 2018

Saturday 25th August

It was a wee bit chilly this morning as I set off at 06.30 onboard my `Claud Baby` with no idea where or how far I was going. So taking my normal route out through Upminster to South Weald where I found Wigley Bush Lane was closed to traffic. But that`s was alright as it goes up hill and I didn`t fancy that climb, but it did make the narrow Weald Park Way rather busy with traffic. Then I found another road closure this time in Crow Green Road, it was only a large hole in the middle of the road, looked like gas main repairs going on but I got passed it alright via the pavement. After many years of cycling through Peartree Green I finally found out why its called that! I had stopped to take a photo of the Doddinghurst Village Sign when a pear fell from a tree and hit me on the head!
A bit further on in Church Lane I came across a burst water main to splash through, then on through Blackmore and Norton Heath for a cuppa in the café. Then onto Willingale where a nice bit of sunshine greeted me but the wind was still a bit chilly.
After a photo of the Toll and the Village Pump and a look at Fred`s Bus Stop and the Churchyard I decide to turn for home as my neck, back and shoulder were beginning to ache. The main reason for this is my Claud is the only bike I now have that`s got drop handlebars. My other two bikes have now been change over to straight handlebars because of my neck and shoulder problems.
Anyway I headed back to Blackmore and then onto Mountnessing and made my way to Hutton and found another water main burst this time on the A129 just before Hutton Village. Then on along Hanging Hill Lane and I always slow down when I get to Hare Hall and remember Dot & Jack Sharp who once live here and also the Brentwood Club Hut.
Then along The Avenue to Little Warley and Bird Lane to the B186 and into St. Marys Lane, Pike & Pea Lanes and home by 11.45 with 45 miles on the clock.
        One of the Willingale churches this one is St.Christopher    

Monday, 2 July 2018

Sunday 1st July

A 6am start and on the Rory (for only the second time this year) and with no idea where I was going just that I needed to get out into my Essex Lanes. So through Upminster to those lumpy bits of South Weald and then onto Doddinghurst. To reach Norton Heath Café for a cuppa & toast, where I found this lovely old Ford Anglia parked up.
Then on through Willingale and with a short stop at the Bus Shelter, I then headed for Shellow Bowells and Roxwell, the village shop was open so an ice cream was called for!
Those lovely lanes of Hoe Street and Gravelly Lane led me to Cooksmill Green and once over the A414, I thought about a cuppa at the Bakehouse but decide instead to head for Blackmore for it. So on through Highwood to Blackmore and Megarry`s Teashop for that cuppa and a chat with the owner Judi her hubby Peter was unfortunately not there he was off on his motorcycle, as I did want to speak to him.
I found the next part of my route home a bit tough going not just because of the traffic but the heat! Anyway through Mountnessing and Hutton and up The Avenue for another cuppa in Thorndon Country Park. From here it was Magpie & Birds Lanes to the B186 into St Marys Lane and Pike & Pea Lanes to reach home by 13.30 with my longest mileage for the year so far of 52 miles.

                                          Saw this in South Weald and it made me smile    

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Sunday 3rd June

A 7am start on a lovely sunny and warm morning saw me onboard the Raleigh and heading for Blackshots and the annual Thurrock Cycle Marathon. Got there just after 08.30 to find the Gateway CC members had already set up their Gazebo. I had no plans to ride this event instead I was to stay with another Gateway member David Fish to look after members stuff and to give out details of our club to anyone that was  interested.
                                                      Some riders still signing on
   The riders set off at 09.30 and had three route to take either the 7 miles or 21 miles and those that could went round twice for 42 miles.
                                                             And off they go!
  The 7 milers came back first and it was good to see some young children taking part in this ride. One youngest of 91 years old was Stan Wall now a veteran of this event and has raised thousands of pounds for charity over the years doing this ride. This year his wife told him he must not do the 21 miles as he hurt himself in a fall a few weeks ago. So Stan did the 7 miles instead but you could see he really wanted to go around again! Okay so he has a little help with a e-motor but he`s still a remarkable man.
                                                                    Stan Wall

With riders back the winner of a new bike from Decathlon (who also had a Dr. Bike stand)  was Karen Dobson of the Viking Avoidance CC, her entry number  was picked out my the Mayor of Thurrock.
                                 On the left the Thurrock Mayor with Karen and her new bike.

And so it was time for me to head for home reaching there about 3pm with a total mileage of 27 miles. Making this my longest ride this year!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Thought it was time for an update, well my last ride in 2017 was on November 12th and my next ride was on April 15th 2018 since then I`ve bee out six times just short rides around the local lanes with the longest ride of 20.65 miles out to Orsett village.
The reason I had so much time off the bike was mostly due to ill health and the weather over the winter months. I seriously thought about giving cycling up for good at one point, but I`ve come back into it  and will see how things go.

The Orsett Village Lock- Up last used in 1885

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Saturday 26th August

A 6.30am start and I was on the Rory and with no idea where I was a going! The morning started off rather overcast but that old currant bun soon came out and the day ended up just a bit too warm for me. Took my normal route out up through South Weald to Doddinghurst, Hook End to Blackmore and once over the A414 and into Norton Heath for my cuppa & bacon sarnie. Then on through Willingale and Shellow Bowells to reach Roxwell.
The Lanes had been lovely until I got into Hoe Street and Gravelly Lane, where I found those horrible loose chippings! Really don`t like riding on them and was glad that I only had just over a mile on them. Once over the A414 again but this time at Cooksmill Green I headed for Highwood and St. Paul`s church for a wee rest.
Then onto Blackmore for another stop beside the duckpond, it was now getting rather too warm for me so I pointed my wheels toward home. Meeting all that lovely traffic in Upminster, and eventually reached home with a nice 50.40 miles on the clock.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Saturday 15th July

A 6.30 start on a overcast morning and once again I was on the Rory and I knew where I was a going! Good Easter for the Bi-Centenary and  Village fete. So taking my normal route out through Upminster and South Weald to Doddinghurst and Blackmore to reach Nortn Heath cafe for a cuppa and a takeaway ham sarnie.
Back in the saddle I sped through Willingale to reach Good Easter by 10am. It was a good and very interesting display of cycles, but after a walkabout, a chat and a cuppa it got a bit chilly standing about and at times in a slight drizzle.

 So I pointed my wheels towards home at 11.45 to retrace my outward route to Blackmore and then made my way to Navestock Side, Coxtie Green to South Weald Country Park for a rest. Then the ups and downs of Nags Head Lane and Hall Lane led me to Cranham followed by Pike Lane and Pea Lane and home by 3pm with 56 miles on the clock.


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Saturday 8th July

6am start this morning and on the Rory, it was rather overcast but still warm. Took my normal route out through South Weald to Hook End and Blackmore to Loves Green, then along Nathan Lane to reach Writtle.  After a wandered (as yer do) around the churchyard and a short rest beside the village pond. 
I headed out through Little Oxney Green and made my way back to Blackmore for a cuppa in Megarry`s plus a chat with Judi & Peter. Then onto Swallows Cross followed by a quick look at Mountnessing Windmill.
Where that sun came out and it became a wee bit too warm for me! On through Hutton and up The Avenue to take another rest stop in Thorndon Country Park. Then the lovely Bird Lane to St. Marys Lane and Pike Lane to reach home by 12.30pm with 48.50 miles done.